As you all know times and situations change in life all the time.

On the positive side of things - We're hard at work composing the new album stuff, and our bass player spot has finally been officially filled with our brother in arms - welcome MIKKO KIVISTÖ! This charismatic bass beast has already been playing gigs and conquered stages with us almost a year, and is previously known from the Finnish group Pain Confessor. As a human being and as a musician he fits absolutely very well to the Omnium Gatherum horde!

Here are Mikko’s thoughts on the matter:

”Im totally honored to be part of OG gang. Back in May 2019 I played my first gigs with the boys in Russia and it immediately felt I was in a right place with the right band. It felt like a dream come true! Last year was super, a lot of festivals and an European tour. It was easy to join the band with full of pure hearted guys I now can call my brothers and family. I will promise to continue to smash the bass at least as hard as all the previous guys did. Hopefully we’ll together beat this COVID-19 soon and see you all again in festivals, tours and gigs. Thank you Omnium Gatherum for trusting my skills. See you all soon. Stay safe and let the metal flow!”

On a bit more negative side of news - Our long time guitarist Joonas Koto decided to leave the group, already a while ago. There was no bad blood or fighting behind the decision, just a surprise and a shock. Joonas was just tired of active touring and travelling. We wish all the best for Joonas in his future endeavours!

Our brothers in metal, Jani Liimatainen and Nick Cordle have been helping us filling in as a 2nd guitar player on our gigs lately. Thanks dudes, and we salute your awesomeness!

At the moment we are operating officially as a 5-men unit, and composing the next album by storm and quarantine -

BUT, if you feel you (or someone you know) would have the guts, the balls, the bad jokes and the abilities for what it takes to be an Omnium Gatherum guitarist and part of the horde - feel free to contact the band and we’ll see what future holds - Search is on!!


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...As you might've noticed - everything is cancelled at the moment due to Koronavirus!
OMNIUM GATHERUM and INSOMNIUM announce co-headline Livestream Concert!

Because of the exceptional circumstances all around the world, cultural events of all shapes and sizes are prohibited. This insists on new aspects and innovations from everybody involved in the business.

So here we are!

Finnish melodic death metal’s heavy hitters Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum in co-operation with East Coast Events, AK Sound & Music Service, livevideo.fi and Framenoir arrange Live Stream -concert next week’s Friday 4/10/2020 19:00 (EEST).

Both of the bands play live, and the participating audience is able to comment and react to the performance live. Apparent agenda of this all is to offer an opportunity for the fans to spend the moment as intuitive and interactive as possible with their favourite bands.

Markus Vanhala comments on behalf of both camps:
”If someone had asked me to do a live stream with ticket sales two weeks ago, my answer would’ve been hell no. But the world changes, apparently really fast when you’re in quarantine. Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum double trouble North American tour went pretty bad with the cancellation and the country (=WORLD!) shutting down right after we arrived at the airport to New York City… So this is what we can offer back for now, before this tour can be rescheduled sometime next year, hopefully. After staring two weeks to the wall inside four walls at home quarantine, I have discovered a hellish urge to go back on stage and play. Even if it would be an empty hall and pose for the camera eyes only, but to play with my booyas as live in concert as we can at the moment! With this stream production we try to help cultural field and concert promoting, our own crew, local entertainment companies and a bit also, our poor ourselves, as cancellation of the gigs and tours destroyed our income. Thanks for the huge support to our beloved fans!”

Also, the companies operating in the event industry are in a tight spot right now, which is why the committed Kotka-Hamina -area companies are offering their expertise and equipment to provide an evening to remember fo the bands and their fans.

Live Stream takes place in www.eastcoastevents.fi/streamtv

Tickets are on sale at the same site. the price for the Stream is 8,90€.
Ticket will include live sets from both bands(recording of the show is also available 48h after live sets) and
live chat with both band members between the changeover.

"Hell'o folks and checking in from the OG hq!

This "Be The Sky" DIY home video was filmed and edited by my phone during past 1,5 years on "The Burning Cold" tours all around the world , and it includes the same vast skies spotted everywhere around the planet Earth during the endless travels with the band. Back in the good old times when we were free and able to tour, times before apocalypse. Waiting to do some more, someday!

This week we're gonna rock thru the livestream and pretend it feels like a real concert in front of a real crazy fans in the front, be sure to check it out and support "the modern times".

The mid-video also contains the "not-so-serious" bass player application video that Mikko Kivistö send to us, and in fact, got the job! With this excerpt we wanna thank all the guitarists who have already sent your application to us - you are many and have surprised us positively, and we're starting slowly to watch all of them carefully and plan the next moves with this case too!

We have been overwhelmed by our fans huge and endless support during these hard times - Thank thee all!

Be safe, and let's stay strong!"

The Youtubelink to "Be The Sky" video: